Price list of dental treatment

This price list is approximate and prices may vary if you are not insured with one of the contracted health insurance companies. You will be informed of the exact price of your performance before treatment.

treatment price
Making a comprehensive treatment plan 990,-
Dental hygiene (60minutes) 1 360,-
Photoconductive filling (including the use of kofferdam)  1 350-4050,-
Treatment of  decay of deciduous tooth from 600,-
Complex endodontic treatment (treatment of the root canal of the tooht)  from 4 050,-
All-ceramic crown  from 8 700,-
Implant DIO  10 790,-
All-ceramic crown for implant from 13000,-
Augmentation (addition of bone volume) from 9 000,-
Surgical extraction of tooth from 3 000,-
Teeth whitening from 4 600,-
Consultation (15minutes) 675,-


Payment options

You can pay by cash or by credit card.


Health insurance

We cooperate with most Czech health insurance companies.