Crowns, bridges and onlays 

If tooth damage is of such a magnitude when we can not just fill it up, it is necessary to provide a tooth with a crown or onlay.


Crown is an artificial cloak which cover pre-preparated (abraded) tooth. We make it in case that the extent of tooth damage does not allow us to treat the tooth with just a fill.  These include, for example, post-root canal treatment, after injury etc. With crowns (or veneer) is also possible to change the shape and size of teeth.


Today we mostly make crowns all-ceramics which by its aesthetic properties allow us to faithfully imitate the shape, but especially the colour of our own tooth. 

If it is necessary to replace one or more teeth, one of the treatment options is a bridge. After grinding of surrounding teethPo nabroušení okolních zubů se zhotoví náhrada překrývající korunkami abraded teeth, which are connected by the so-called inet-member. Although the teeth currently lost are more and more being replaced by implants implants, bridges still represent a very effective solution in certain situations(for example very damaged or already abraded adjacent teeth, lack of bone for the implant). 

During onlay treatment we maintain the maximum of tooth tissue and therefore it is less invasive treatment than a crown. There is no need to brush the entire perimeter of the tooth to create a stump on which the crown is atteched. Connection with the tooth is ensured by so called adhesion - chemical-mechanical connection of tooth replacement. Thanks to the onlay treatment, it is often possible to keep even the very dissipated vital teeth without root canals treatment. Onlays are made of composite plastic or ceramics.