Equipment of the clinic

Our clinic is equipped  with quality instruments, thanks to which we can offer you a wide range of services that are in line with modern practices.

Dental set Planmeca Compact i Touch

When choosing a dental set, we have taken care of the comfort of the patient, so the dental sets are equipped with an Ultra Relax cushion with a memory foam that perfectly adapts to the body shape. Even during long interventions you will feel very comfortable with us.


Magnifying glasses Zeiss

Precision and accuracy is a priority for us and therefore we perform all the power spectrum under magnification. With magnifying glasses, the doctor is able to see the teeth enlarged up to four times.

Dental microscopes Zeiss a Alltion

With the aid of a microscope, we can handle even more complicated anatomical structures inside the tooth and on the surface of the dental crown with minimal invasiveness and maximum precision. In this way, the doctor is able to perceive all the small details and save the teeth that were previously intended for extraction.


Panoramic X-ray Carestream 8100

We use the equipment