Preventive dental check-ups

Regular preventive dental check-ups at the dentist are essential to maintain healthy teeth and a whole oral cavity. It is good to do it about once every six months, even though you have no subjective problems. Most major oral diseases do not cause any significant problems in the first stages. Neglected preventive dental check-ups may result in such diseases whose treatment is very costly and time-consuming or even their remedy is no longer possible.

Ordinary part of preventive dental check-up is checking the condition of teeth, mucous membrane, tongue and condition of gums. We check gums bleeding which corresponds to level of dental hygiene for and presence of tartar. Important part is making of biting x-ray images. These small images (so called bite wings) help to detect interdental caries at an early stage, tartar,  recession in periodontitis and the quality of  already made fillings and  prosthetic works. Once per two years we also make a panoramic X-ray image (so called OPG) which serves as an overview of the teeth condition and jaws.