Treatment of children

Care of temporary teeth and regular visits of children to a dentist are underestimated by many parents. Your first preventive check-up with the dentist should be completed by the child at the age of one year. It is necessary to disprove the claim that dental caries is hereditary matter. This is especially the fact that the child takes hygienic and dietary habits from their parents. It is often also common in society that there is no need to care for children's teeth and that it is not necessary to take care of them. Thanks to these myths, children often end up on dental emergency, with swelling and great pain, and their first experience with the dentist is the unpleasant tearing of their teeth. Regular preventive check-ups are to be prevented fear of the dentist, to build mutual trust and and above all to find potential caries as soon as possible.

During the first visit the pacient primarily learns about the surgery. Parents are also informed by the dentist about proper hygiene and eating habits important to the health of  the teeth. By around the age of eight, the teeth should be cleaned by parents. 

Our doctors and nurses have extensive experience in the prevention and sensitive care of pediatric patients and provide superior access to children.