Dental hygiene

Dental hygiene is nowadays the basis for preserving beautiful and healthy teeth and gums. The basis of the dental hygienist's examination is to assess the level of oral hygiene, instruction, removal of tartar and finally the fluoridation of the teeth. Removal of tartar is carried out with the help of a curettes (a special hand scrapers) and ultrasound.  Possible dark pigmentation are removed by using air flow that is sandblasting.

An essential part of this is also the patient's instruction, in which the hygienist will discuss the correct brush cleaning methods and also interdental hygiene. Proper cleaning of interdental spaces is very important because 70% of the caries originated there. At the same time, we prevent the origin of periodontitis and  premature tooth loss.

Dental hygiene is a way to keep not only beautiful smile, but also to do something for your health. Visit usually takes about 60 minutes, but the result is definitely worth it.